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Big Bang Science

During our Big Bang Science week, we did lots of different experiments! Our first one was a density experiment. We used oil, water, treacle and syrup and poured them all into a cup, finding out that the treacle sat at the bottom but the oil sat on top of the water. Then we dropped in some items to see if they would sink or float!
We also made lava lamps, using oil, water, glitter and alka seltzer tablets! Some of us put in the tablets and then put the lids on our jars by accident! We soon understood why that wasn't such a good idea as the lids were popping off everywhere!
For our last science experiment this week we made bubble snakes! We had to be so careful not to breathe into the bottles so we didn't get all of the bubbles in our mouths! We worked in teams to make the longest bubble snake in the class!