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Head Boy and Head Girl Elections

Your Head Boy/Girl Team



After a nail biting wait we are pleased to announce the head boy/girl team for 2017/18. Congratulations to Mark Charlesworth and Renae Dwyer on being elected head boy and head girl respectively and a well done to Luke Hunter and Loki Barlow who were voted in as Deputies.


It was a close run election with a total of eight boys and eight girls giving speeches to a full assembly in the hope of persuading the rest of KS2 to vote for them.  All of the candidates did an amazing job, using a variety of persuasive tactics in the hope of being elected.  Tension (for the candidates) then mounted as each child  went away to consider who they would like for their head boy/girl.  Votes were cast and the count began! It was a close run race but the children had spoken, they had elected their new team.

          Head Boy                        Head Girl




                     Mark Charlesworth                                                  Renae Dwyer

          Deputy Head Boy        Deputy Head Girl



                                Luke Hunter                                                       Loki Barlow

The Election

The Election 1 Voting
The Election 2 Voting
The Election 3 Voting
The Election 4 Voting