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Investigating Water Resistance


As part of our work on forces, we completed a challenge which investigated water resistance. First, we explored which play-doh shapes would sink the quickest. Using our knowledge, we then investigated which shapes would float. We learned that if the forces of gravity and up-thrust were balanced then objects would float. Our final challenge was to see how many marbles our play-doh boats could hold before it sank. The winners were the Pankhursts with 12 marbles! Well done!

Big Bang Week!!

Fizzing Planets investigation

During our Big Bang week, Y5 had a lot of messy fun investigating which amounts of vinegar would create the biggest fizzing planet. We made links to our current Space topic and created mini planets using bicarbonate of soda, water and powder paint. We then planned to use different amounts of vinegar and observe the effects; how much fizz and bubbles were created. We worked really well in our groups and came up with some excellent conclusions which included comparative statements. Mrs Pybis had lots of fun cleaning up afterwards!!!

...oh, and Mrs Hudson thought it might be fun to drop a whole tub of powder paint all over the carpet (and Mr Youngman!!)