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Exciting news at Eastcroft Park! 

We had a mysterious letter brought to us by Miss Withey from an unidentified man in a suit!

As it turns out, it was from Professor Henry Jones from the archaeological society! He had been investigating our school's grounds with the latest technology and he had found a huge mass underneath our playing fields which he asked us to dig up and investigate.

Because we were studying the Stone Age, and we thought they might be something that could link to that, we dug up our playing fields and made some amazing discoveries! 

Take a look at the photos to see what we found!

In our crime and punishment topic, we looked at all the different punishments that were around in Victorian prisons. We even did some of them! They were really hard!

We also acted out a role play of a court case. We listened to both the prosecution and the defense, and the jury decided whether they were guilty or not guilty and the judge gave them a sentence. 

We have been enjoying our Native American role play!
We have been learning all about the Native Americans in our topic work and recently we learnt about Wampum beads. The Native Americans used Wampum beads to tell a story, so using different colours, we made our own story beads!