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Autumn Term- David Walliams


This term Year 6 have enjoyed learning about David Walliams and his work. We have read lots of his books during our ERIC time and we are currently reading 'Mr Stink' as a class. We have listened to some chapters of the story as an audiobook with David Walliams narrating his own story. During our English lessons we have researched David Walliams and his work and written brief biographies about him. We have also read 'Gansta Granny' and analysed the film to support us in writing Newspaper reports based on this plot. 




Spring Term- John Boyne and David Almond

 John Boyne

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne                                   John Boyne - Author Picture                                       Stay Where You are and Then Leave by John Boyne   



David Almond


  Image result for David Almond books                            Image result for David Almond                        Image result for David Almond books

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