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Big Bang Week

Big Bang Week started on the 19th October, and we have been having lots of fun! 

This year, it is linked to space, and on Monday, we had a chance to go into a space dome! It was very dark, but there were lots of twinkly stars, and we had to look for the constellation Big Bear! Then, when we got back to the classroom, Big BEar and been in and eaten our fruit and he messed up the classroom!

We have been making marbled planets and moon rocks with Mrs Roscoe too! We have loved doing lots of art, and we were really amazed at the marbling inks!
On Tuesday, we did an experiment using milk, washing up liquid and food colouring! We had to predict what we thought was going to happen, and then when we did the experiment, some of us found that the colours danced around the plate! 

But, Thursday was something completely different! We had an alien invasion! We couldn't go into class because it had been cordoned off with crime scene tape and we were all very excited about what might have happened! When we were allowed it, we were horrified! The classroom was a mess! There was gloop and slime everywhere, the chairs were all on the floor and someone had even eaten food from a lunchbox that had been left behind! 

When we took a closer look there were 3 alien eggs and a note...the note was written in another language!

We had to work as a team to work out some addition and subtraction sums to find out the number that each symbol represented, and then we had to try even harder to find out what letter each number represented so that we could work out what the aliens were trying to say to us!

It turns out that the aliens had crashed their spaceship and they needed us to look after their baby aliens!

Once we had figured out what they had said, we wrote back to them and asked them lots of questions about why they were here and what they ate!
But we had a massive surprise after PE when we got back to find that the eggs had hatched! And the alien babies were nowhere to be seen! Mr Gilroy said he saw one running towards the bushes! So some of us made posters and some of us went to make some alien food so that the aliens wouldn't get hungry, and we really enjoyed getting our hands mucky!
At the end of the week, we did a weather experiment. We worked with a partner and poured water into a cup, then squirted some shaving foam on top! Then came the tricky bit! We had to use a pipette to drop some food colouring over the shaving foam and then we watched carefully and saw some beautiful patterns fall into the water!