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British Values

British Values


In Home 3, we use all aspects of school life to promote British Values. We understand that this is an essential part of our social and moral development not only as British citizens, but as world citizens.


- Democracy


We use our pupil voice positively to participate in decisions that affect us. We take part in the vote for our head boy and head girl and we know that we can talk to them about anything that may worry us or that we would like to improve. Our school council represent us in meetings and they voice our opinions. 


-Rule of Law


In Home 3, we have discussed how we should behave in class and around school and we created rules to follow during these times. We agreed on these rules and we try really hard to follow them. Every day in our lessons, we work hard to achieve our best in the work that we do as well, so that we are meeting the WILFs in the lesson that we have also agreed on!


-Individual Liberty


There are plenty of opportunities for us at Eastcroft Park to develop our individual liberty. There are many after school school activities for us to do to develop our interests. During social snack, we have enjoyed talking about our dreams and what we would like to achieve by the end of the week, the end of the term and the end of the school year. 


-Mutual Respect


We are working really hard this year to help each other build our self-esteem and confidence and to value contributions from other children. We are always proud of each other when someone shows or tells us something that we are able to do that makes us unique. We work collaboratively on many occasions and we are trying really hard to be good group learners. 


-Tolerance of Different Faiths and Belief


In Home 3, we love learning about different faiths and cultures through our RE lessons. We are currently learning about Good Samaritans and we are trying to be good samaritans in our every day lives. We are really looking forward to learning about other faiths in our RE lessons!