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British values

Eastcroft Park uses all aspects of school life to promote British Values. In year 4 we promote 'British Values' as a vital part of our social and moral development, both as British and citizens of the world. See below to see how we promote the 5 values.



We will use our pupil voice positively to participate in decisions that effect us both as individuals and our community as a whole.

Rule of law:


We will behave according to both our school rules and our class charter.


Individual Liberty:


We will take the opportunity to follow and develop our existing interests whilst being prepared to try new things by taking risks and challenges.


Mutual Respect:


We will work together to build self esteem, promote individuality and value the contributions of everyone in our school community.


We value each and every member of our class and our wider Eastcroft community. We appreciate the value that diversity & individuality gives us.


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs:


We will respect the right for each of us to be an individual and allow others to follow beliefs that we ourselves may not have.