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British Values

At Eastcroft Park, we use all aspects of the curriculum to promote British Values. In Year 2, we recognise that they are extremely important for our social, emotional, spiritual and moral development, and we help each other to understand British Values as well as to promote them in our classroom. 


When creating our classroom rules and when choosing our classroom jobs, we learnt about and demonstrated the British value of democracy. We were very understanding of others choices and recognised that we should all create the rules of our classroom to make it a fair environment. 


This also helped us to understand the rule of law, and as we all helped to decide the rules of our classroom, we discussed what should happen if we cannot stick to our rules. This helped us to realise that if we don't follow the rules all of the time, there is a possibility that we may not be safe. Therefore, we all try our best to follow the rules to make sure we are learning in a safe environment.


During lessons we frequently work together and express our own opinions. As a class, we know that it is very important to respect other people's opinions and beliefs because we are each individuals and we are all allowed to have our own opinions.

We always show respect for other people's thoughts and feelings and we know that if we respect others, they will respect us. 


In Religious Education, we learn about lots of different faiths and beliefs. We are currently learning about Hinduism and we are getting very excited about our Diwali party! Year 2 understand how important it is to respect other people's beliefs and faiths, and we are always very keen to learn about other faiths.