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British Values

British Values


Eastcroft Park uses all aspects of school life to promote British Values.  In year 5 we see 'British Values' as an essential part of our social and moral development, both as British and world citizens.  


  • Democracy

We use our pupil voice positively to participate in decisions that affect us both as individuals and our community as a whole. Our elected student councilors represent us regularly in meetings and share our views to help improve our school. We have a lot of monitors in our class who volunteer to complete jobs around the school. We also support many charities such as Cancer Research and Oxfam. We recently took part in jeans for genes day too! Each week we also vote for and nominate people to be star of the week in our class, controlling who wins the award and why they deserve it. 



  • Rule of Law

We discussed how we should behave in class and around school and created our Golden Rules. We work hard to behave according to these at all times. We enjoy earning awards when we demonstrate good behaviour and attitude towards all aspects of school. 





  • Individual Liberty 

In Year 5 we participate in many after school activities, during these activities we develop our interests and try new things in fun and exciting ways. At the beginning of the year we discussed our dreams and aspirations for Year 5 and the future and recorded these, displaying them on our 'Reach for the Stars' display. We also recently enjoyed exploring E-Safety, learning how to keep ourselves safe and happy online! 


  • Mutual Respect

In Year 5 we work together to build self-esteem, promote individuality and value the contributions of others. We have many opportunities to work collaboratively and cooperatively and recently enjoyed creating 'Friendship Flowers' sharing compliments with each other and recording them to refer back to when we wish. We celebrated our similarities and differences by creating our own coats of arms. 

Friendship Flowers


   we wrote compliments on each others backs 





 we used them compliments to create our flowers!         


Coats of arms


  • Tolerance of Different Faiths and Belief

In Year 5 we respect the right for each of us to be an individual and allow others to follow beliefs that we ourselves may not have. In Year 5 we enjoy learning about different faiths and beliefs through our RE lessons. We recently began exploring the topic precious and have discussed people and objects precious to us and others, including those from other religions.  Later on in the Year we also look forward to exploring the faiths Christianity and Islam!