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Caterpillars Blog!

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Day 1, Friday 12th June 2015

Today Miss Walton told us there was a special surprise waiting for us in our classroom, we were all very excited! We waited for what seemed like forever for Miss Walton to tell us that the special package she had been waiting weeks for had finally arrived! Next Miss Walton told us that our next Science topic is going to be Life Cycles and she gave us some class caterpillars to watch as they turn into butterflies! We looked closely at the tiny caterpillars and they were not really doing much yet but Miss Walton said they will keep eating and eating to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Miss Walton gave us a special observation booklet so we can keep track of how our caterpillars change. Today we observed the caterpillars eating, resting and spinning threading that looks like a web. The caterpillars make this web to protect themselves from predators. They're very tiny at the moment. We could see waste in the container and this is a good sign that the caterpillars have began eating and growing. We can't wait to see what happens next. 

By KH, RG and TG. 






Day 6, Wednesday 17th June 2015

After the last 5 days the caterpillars have grown lots and shredded their hair and skin at least once each. They've also produced lost of waste which again is a good sign that they've been eating properly. Although everything was running smoothly, doom suddenly fell upon us! When everyone was looking at them, someone held it and with an almighty squeeze (by 'accident') a crack appeared on the cup! sad Everything was fine though when it got sealed by sellotape. Soon all was forgiven and we managed to take a few selfies! 

By AF and RS. 



Day 11 Monday 22nd June 2015

Our caterpillars are really large now, they appear to have eaten nearly all of their food! Each caterpillar is at the top of the container now, attaching themselves to the lid and forming a J shape. This means they are getting ready to create their chrysalis. We wonder what will happen next.......


By AM, DPi and LT



Day 13 Wednesday 24th June 2015

All five caterpillars are now in their chrysalis, each chrysalis looks a greeny brown colour and it appears as if each caterpillar is hangin upside down! Left behind webs are swinging like monkeys on vines as the caterpillars start their transformation into butterflies! 


By JE and DPr



Day 19 Tuesday 30th June 2015

The caterpillars remain in their chrysalis, they have been like this for a few days now. Miss Walton has safely moved them into our butterfly habitat, now we are excited to see them emerge as butterflies! Inside the chrysalis the caterpillars are going through the process of metamorphosis, where they change into butterflies. The chrysalis' have changed colour, they are a dark brown colour now, this means it will not be long until our beautiful butterflies emerge! Yay! frown

By RG, RB and NB 



Day 21 Thursday 2nd July 2015

Finally 4 of our exquisite butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis! Hooray! We were all super excited (Miss Walton was even more excited than some of us). One still remains in the chrysalis but we can see the colour of the wings through the chrysalis so it won't be long now! At first we were a little worried because our habitat was covered in a red liquid, we thought our butterflies were bleeding. This wasn't the case though, this liquid is meconium and this helps the butterflies harden their wings as they pump it through their veins. Once the wings are fully dry and hard, the butterflies get rid of excess liquid and this is why it is all over our habitat! The butterflies took a few hours to dry their wings but once this was done they were flapping about all over the habitat. They are truly amazing, each butterfly is unique and has different colours. Some of the patterns on their wings look like eyes, we decided this was to help scare away predators! After we had filled in our observation logs we went outside to collect some natural things to put inside our habitat. We fed them with some orange pieces and created a nectar solution for them to feed on using sugar and water. We can't believe we are coming to the end of our butterfly journey, we don't want it to end! wink


By KHo and RG










Day 22 Friday 3rd July 2015

Today was a day of mixed emotions, our last butterfly emerged from the chrysalis but we also had to say goodbye to our butterflies wink We have made some butterfly feeders to encourage them to remain in our area, we hope they come back and visit! We have had a great time observing the life cycle of a butterfly! 







Key Vocabulary

Egg- the first stage when their mum gives birth. 

Butterfly-the last stage.

Caterpillar- the second stage.

Emerge- to come out of something.

Larva- Another word for caterpillar.

Chrysalis- the protecting cocoon like shell the caterpillars wrap around themselves. 

Metamorphosis-the change that happens when the caterpillar is inside the chrysalis.

Nectar- the food the butterflies collect from flowers. 


Fun Facts

  • Butterflies taste with their feet!
  • Butterflies can't fly or function properly if their body temperature falls below 55F because they're cold blooded! 
  • Butterflies mostly live on the liquid from nectar, plants or even dung!
  • They tend to live for around 2-4 weeks after emerging from the chrysalis!