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Children's University at Eastcroft Park




Eastcroft Park has proudly been involved in the Children’s University Scheme for the last 6 years.  We have seen the scheme thrive over this time and we are extremely proud of all the children who have committed their time and effort to achieve the numerous awards they have received.

The Children’s University ethos is to promote live long learning to children between the ages of 7 and 14.  It also aims to promote the accessibility of university to all children, encouraging them to build on their strengths and develop themselves as well rounded individuals.

Eastcroft Park offers various extra curricular activities and attendance at these will enable the children to acquire university hours.  These hours are logged and are then used towards national awards.  

From 2012 children in year 1 and 2 are also able to log hours for the afterschool activities that they attend.  They accrue hours over KS1 and these are then added to the hours they get in year 3 and used to award them their first Children’s University Award.

The scheme works well when the school and home work as a team to support the children in their Children’s University journey. Hours can only be credited if a child attends a club for at least 80% of the sessions offered, if a child attends for less than 80% of the sessions then all attended hours (for that activity) will be lost.

Each teacher keeps a record of attendance at their club and the hours earned over the year are tallied together to create a final total on which the award for that year is made. The hours credited will be carried forward year on year so that children can work towards higher awards as they progress through the scheme.

If a child gains enough hours for an award then they will be invited to graduate at Hope University. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children, staff and families to come together and celebrate the children’s achievement over the year.  The Children’s University graduation has become a permanent fixture in our summer calendar and is looked forward to by the whole school community.