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                       Poet Visit

Year 6 really enjoyed our workshop with poet Andy Tooze. We enjoyed reading and listening to his poems and were inspired to create and perform our own. We learned lots about the poetry writing process and had lots of fun. 


Power of Reading

Shackleton's Journey



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In the Autumn term we enjoyed exploring the Non-Fiction text Shackleton's Journey. 

After writing persuasive letters of application, we enjoyed interviewing each other for a place on the Endurance. We asked and answered some fantastic questions relevant to the expedition and the available jobs on board the ship. 
We put ourselves in the shoes of the crew members families. We created clay keepsakes to give them as they leave to help them remember us and to keep their spirits up when the perilous journey becomes difficult. 
We enjoyed using drama techniques such as Freeze Frame, Thought Tracking and Conscience Alley to put ourselves in the shoes of the crew members and other characters to help us when writing in role.