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Head Boy and Head Girl Elections

Your Head Boy/Girl Team



After a nail biting wait, we are pleased to announce the head boy/girl team for 2018/19. Congratulations to Muhammed Gbadamosi and Chloe Brown and Annie Brown on being elected head boy and head girls respectively and a well done to Joel Karlsen and Emily Duffy who were voted in as Deputies.


It was a close run election with multiple members of Year 6 giving speeches to a full assembly in the hope of persuading the rest of KS2 to vote for them.  All of the candidates did an amazing job, using a variety of persuasive tactics in the hope of being elected.  Tension (for the candidates) then mounted as each child  went away to consider who they would like for their head boy/girl.  Votes were cast and the count began! It was a close run race but the children had spoken, they had elected their new team.

          Head Boy                        Head Girls




             Muhammed Gbadamosi                                               Annie Brown and Chloe Brown

       Deputy Head Boy            Deputy Head Girl



                                Joel Karlsen                                                       Emily Duffy

The Election

The Election 1 Voting
The Election 2 Voting
The Election 3 Voting
The Election 4 Voting

House Captains


This year runners up of our head boy/ girl elections were awarded a new school responsibility; house captain. We now have four Year 6 role models to represent each of our houses- Hawks, Falcons, Eagles and Kestrels. These children will be responsible for representing/ leading their team during numerous school events throughout the year and will have a place on our student council. Well done and congratulations to the first Eastcroft Park House Captains! 



      Annie Murphy                       Emie boyd                  Imogen Chadwick                Matilda Hilditch 

          Kestrels                             Falcons                             Hawks                               Eagles