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Welcome to Home 3's page! 


In Home 3 we have been very busy learning about new and exciting things.



So far this year we have particularly enjoyed exploring myths & legends; we were even very successful in creating our own. Furthermore, we have loved the opportunity to show all that we have learned about fictional writing features by writing our own version of Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.


Story Maps

Pictures of us creating our story map in pairs/threes to show our understanding of the story of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

We watched the film to help us.

Home 3 watching Fantastic Mr. FoxCreating Fantastic Mr . Fox story maps in pairs/groups


Our vocabulary display 'Buzz Words'.

We give our class bee a new honeycomb with a sentence including our word of the day each time we can show we are successful at using it in a sentence. We use these words to uplevel our writing.

Our vocabulary display. We add a new honeycomb with a sentence including our word of the day each time we can use it correctly.



During our numeracy lessons we have looked at addition & subtraction methods, as well as units of measurement. In numeracy we enjoy making learning fun through games, we still play our favourite: Flippy Floppy Fingers and also love to play Harry Potter.



Last term we enjoyed exploring the skeleton and discovering what different parts of our bodies can do; as well as exploring forces & magnets. In addition, as part of Big Bang Week, we enjoyed carrying out exciting experiments. These included writing secret messages with lemon juice, exploring non-Newtonian liquids (a very messy lesson in which we learned about solids and liquids!) and The Egg Drop! This was a particular favourite within our class and the majority of the children were successful in creating a support for their egg which saved the shell from cracking. (Have a look at our slideshow of these pictures further down the page).



Last term we enjoyed exploring the culture of Native Americans and were able to create our own class totem poles as well as dream catchers.


We each created a section of the totem poles.

We chose different animals depending on the qualities they possess.

We also made our own dream catcher which were hung over our class teepee in our role play area.

This term our class topic is Our Town. We have already learned many interesting facts about Kirkby and are looking forward to learning more.



We have really enjoyed our R.E. topic of Sikhism and in particular working in pairs to make Chauri's. We have learnt so many new facts about the history of the religion and Guru Nanak (the founder of Sikhism), how people worship and the different rituals and routines of Sikh culture and now understand why Sikhs wear special artefacts and clothes every day and why they are significant. We also looked at the Sikh festival of Baisakhi (the Sikh New Year) and pretended we were celebrating by washing flagpoles in milk and wrapping them in fresh orange material before replacing the "Nishan Sahib" (the flag) at the top! Mrs Hudson is so impressed by how much we've learnt! (See our pictures at the bottom of this page).



Each term we learn about a different authors' life and work. Last term it was the turn of Anne Fine, this term we are concentrating on Dick King-Smith. We are very excited to read The Sheep-Pig and hope to watch the film Babe as a treat when each child reaches 100 smilies. Next term we will focus on Michael Foreman.



Our class artist this year is Vincent Van Gogh. The children of Home 3 have been particularly engrossed in the life and work of the famous artist and have really impressed Mrs. Boyle with how much they know and remember. We have completed self portraits and made a large class painting of Starry Night. We also hope to grow our own sunflowers (when we study plants in science) and create our own version of the famous Van Gogh classic.

Pictures of us creating our section of our class college of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Creating our section of our class Starry Night collage



Our class composer this year in Sergei Prokofiev. We enjoy listening to his famous pieces of music and have enjoyed the story of Peter and the Wolf. We really enjoy getting involved in the music and expressing the emotions that each instrument brings to us.


Thank you for visiting our page- there is more information to come as well as lots of pictures smiley


Mrs Boyle, Miss Willmitt & Mrs Blackall


Home 3 Reminders

  • We have PE on Monday's & Tuesday's, please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on these days.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday/Monday. This must be completed and returned to school the following Friday. Please support your child with their homework where possible.
  • Reading- Please support your child with their home reading by setting aside 10 minutes a day to read with them.
  • Book bags- It is essential for children to bring their book bags into school every day. Any letters or notices will be placed into your child's book bag along with their reading book and homework. Please be sure to check this regularly. 
  • Snack money is 50p per week. Please pay for this on a Monday.


Thank you again for your continued support,


Home 3


Class Christmas Party.

We were lucky to have Santa visit us during our class party, he even brought us each an early gift!

We also had a disco with year 4 (see those pictures at the bottom of this page).


In the Spotlight

Each week the children of Home 3 choose a child who they have noticed trying really hard to be our Star of the Week'- a child's name is picked out at random and they are our star of the week- they get smilies, have their name displayed in the school corridor and wear a gold crown.

A 'Homework Hero' is chosen for the week from the children who have handed their homework in completed and on time.

A 'Bookworm' is chosen from the children who have read each night, have their reading record signed and their book bag in school each day.

Mrs. Boyle also chooses a piece of work that has particularly impressed her each week, this is displayed proudly for the whole school to see.

Pictures of our lovely class

Big Bang Week. Letters written in lemon juice, oobleck, and the egg drop!

Music at Kirkby High

Y3&4 Xmas Party 14-15

This is "Y3&4 Xmas Party 14-15" by Eastcroft Park on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.