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We study R.E with Mrs Casey. Our units for this year are:

  • Festivals of Light

We will learn about the Hindu Festival of Diwali and how to retell the story of Rama and Sita. We will learn about how Jewish people celebrate Hannukah and will compare these festivals to the Christian festival of light: Christmas!

  • Christianity/Easter

We will learn about Christianity and the symbols of the faith, the Church and the Bible. We will learn about the most important Christian festival: Easter.

Wow we have learnt so much during our first term of R.E! We have studied Hinduism as a religion and we have learnt what beliefs Hindu's follow. We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and how it links to the festival of light of Diwali. Linking to our artwork we made our own Diva Lamps out of clay. They looked so pretty when all of the candles were lit in them. Following on from learning about Diwali we learnt about different festival of light such as Hannukah and Christingle. We were really lucky to have a visit from Anne the vicar from St Andrews who helped us learn how to make our own Christingle. We felt really special when we lit them altogether and sung Christmas carols.