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Rocket Seed Investigation

Rocket Seed Investigation


Home 5 have been taking part in an investigation with seeds from the International Space Station! 


The project, Rocket Science, is one of many activities for schools initiated by the UK Space Agency to celebrate the Principia mission of British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake to the International Space Station.


 In September last year, two kilograms of rocket seeds (eruca sativa) travelled from Baikonur, Kazakhstan to the International Space Station – after which they were stored in microgravity with Tim Peake before returning to earth in the spring this year.


We received one red packet and one blue packet of rocket seeds, one of which contained seeds that have been in space and the other contained seeds that remained on Earth. The red and blue seeds were sown by us and will grow side by side for period of 35 days. We need to record and measure the similarities or differences in plant growth between the two seed packets. At the end of this experiment we will enter our results into the national database where the finding will be analysed and published for everyone to see. It is so exciting to be involved in an experiment like this.