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We love Science in Year 2!

We plan and take part in experiments and investigations based on what we are learning. We work scientifically using lots of scientific vocabulary and make predictions (educated guesses!). We learn about famous inventors and scientists, who inspire us.

In Year 2, we cover:

  • Animals inc Humans (what we/animals need to survive, offspring, what we need to be healthy)
  • Everyday materials (properties of materials and how materials can be changed)
  • Seasons (understanding the nature of each season and why we have seasons)
  • Plants (planting bulbs and observing them, what a plant needs to survive)
  • Living Things and their Habitats (how living things are suited to their habitat, food chains, identify different types of habitats, explore living things and things that have never lived)
Our first Science topic of this year is Everyday Materials. We start by doing a materials hunt around the school and exploring what materials we can find and what they are used for. In following lessons we study the differences between man-made and natural materials and we begin adding to our vocabulary knowledge of how to describe materials based on their properties. Our final lessons will involve us investigating which materials would make the best material for Ted's umbrella. We really enjoy Science and finding out lots of facts about materials.