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Just before we broke up for half term, we received a letter from NASA. They told us that they were looking for astronauts and asked us if we wanted to apply for the position! Of course we thought we would give it a go! We applied for the astronaut position in our lovely space themed hall, then we had to do some challenges! The first one was to make a tall structure that stood by itself using only 15 pieces of spaghetti, 10 marshmallows and 8 pieces of sticky tape! It was really tricky and only 2 groups got a sculpture that stood by itself! It was to show that we could work well as a team!  Then, they sent us some real astronaut food, it was ice cream! We had to be really brave and try some, and it was actually quite nice! We got our special certificates from NASA as well to say we completed our astronaut training!
We have been learning about everyday materials. What better way to do this than to go outside and have a look at what we use these materials for!
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We have been looking at life cycles of different animals! Here are some of our super pieces of work!

In science this term, we are looking at how to keep fit and healthy as well as how people and animals change as they grow up. 

So far, we have made posters looking at making healthy choices, we have designed and made a healthy sandwich and we have looked at the different food groups.

When we were making our healthy sandwiches, we found spreading butter really difficult! Choosing our fillings was really easy though! Yum!