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Science at Kirkby High School


Home 5 have been given the opportunity to visit Kirkby High School each Wednesday morning to take part in interesting science lessons. So far we have learnt all about safety in a science lab and explored some of the common symbols used. We have also participated in lots of exciting science experiments including creating rainbow fizz, burning magnesium to create a firework flame, separating sulphur and iron filings, invisible X and lots more! One of our favourite experiments was creating dragon breath and using this to set Miss Walton on fire! (Don't worry nobody got hurt). We also enjoyed making a Jelly baby explode and firing a rocket using alcohol, oxygen and heat! We cannot wait to go again next week and take part in some more super science experiments! 



Exploding Jelly Baby!

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Rocket 1

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Rocket 2

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Big Bang Week

Year 5 had a fantastic Big Bang Week; we really enjoyed exploring science concepts in a fun and exciting way focusing on improving our investigative skills. We linked our Big Bang lessons to our Space topic and enjoyed creating fizzing planets, alien yeast, balloon rockets and alien slime!