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Star Writer!

Star Writer! 





Ella's setting description 


Ella has been chosen to be a Star Writer!

We think her description of The Highwayman Setting is outstanding! We like how she used personification saying the stars danced and the trees waved. Additionally, we liked how Ella included a metaphors to describe the road and the moon in the sky. She has used a semi-colon correctly and used a simile to describe the trees. She even opened her sentence with the simile making it complex. We like Ella's use of parenthesis in the last sentence. 

Well done Ella! smiley

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Cameron's Diary Entry in Role as Bess from The Highwayman

We have chosen Cameron as our Star Writer! We really liked the vocabulary Cameron used, he has definitely put our words of the day to good use! Home 5 particularly liked how Cameron included personification, saying the stars danced beautifully and the trees reached out. Cameron has also included semi-colons to link sentences. 

Well done Cameron! smiley

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Chloe's Toad Invasion Description

Home 5 have chosen Chloe as our Star Writer! We really like how she used a semi-colon to link ideas. We think she has varied her sentence openers trying to open her sentences in interesting ways. She has used some fantastic vocabulary, we particularly liked repugnant, speckled and oozed!

Well done Chloe!   smiley



Tuesday Toad Invasion


It was an ordinary Tuesday; most of the town residents were peacefully sleeping in their homes. Suddenly, gargantuan, repugnant toads began to soar over the neighbourhood. Hovering on soggy lily-pads, the terrible toads terrorised the town! Green slime dripped and oozed from the creatures speckled skin.


By Chloe Creevy 


Elicia's Alien Description!

Elicia's Alien Description! 1

This week Home 5 have chosen Elicia as our star writer! We really liked her alien description, we think she painted a fantastic picture of the alien in our minds using her language choices. We liked how Elicia extended her sentences into complex sentences making them more powerful. We think she has used fantastic vocabulary and she even included a simile! We especially liked how Elicia opened her sentences in different and exciting ways, our favourite opener is 'Without Warning...' 

Well done Elicica! smiley

Charlotte's Macbeth Setting Description

Charlotte's Macbeth Setting Description 1

This week Home 5 have chosen Charlotte as our star writer! We really liked her setting description for the beginning of the play Macbeth!  We especially liked how she used really powerful vocabulary our favourites were vociferously, tenebrous and violent! Additionally, we liked how she described the weather using a simile! 

Well done Charlotte! smiley

Zak's Macbeth Diary Recount

Zak's Macbeth Diary Recount 1

This week Home 5 have chosen Zak as our star writer! We really liked his diary recount in role as a servant witnessing Macbeth murder King Duncan! We especially liked how he used a simile to compare the wind to a howling wolf, we thought this added some super description. We also liked some of his vocabulary choices including polished dagger, blood-washed dagger and the word despair! Additionally, we thought Zak was really clever hinting at a problem in his opening paragraph to draw the reader in and grab their attention. 

Well done Zak! smiley