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Star Writer!

Star Writer! 





Friday 15th May 2015


This week home 5 have chosen Dominic Foster as our star writer! 


Year 5 have recently been learning about the rainforest and we really liked Dominic's list poem based on this topic.  Dominic included powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe each rainforest noun! He did a super job choosing really exciting vocabulary! We especially liked how Dominic chose vocabulary that was specific to each animal and didn't just use the first words that came to his head.  Year 5 noticed how Dominic used a thesaurus and our vocabulary wall to up-level his word choices.  Dominic also followed a set structure for each line to ensure his poem flowed nicely too.  Well done Dominic! smiley

Dominic's Super List Poem

Friday 24th April 2015


This week home 5 have chosen Lilli Roscoe as our star writer! 


Year 5 have recently been learning about biographies and we really liked how Lilli retold the events of her mums life in her biography. Lilli used a range of different language features and did a fantastic job! We especially liked how Lilli used questions to include the reader and ended with some quotations from other members of the family. Year 5 noticed how Lilli made sure her biography was written in chronological order including dates and ages to ensure the reader is clear on when the event took place. She also made sure each event was structured in a new paragraph.  Lilli worked hard to ensure she used a range of sentence types and not just simple sentences too.  Well done Lilli! smiley

Lilli's Brilliant Biography!

Friday 6th February 2015


This week home 5 have chosen Tahlia Gill as our star writer! 


We really liked how Tahlia described her beast with lots of different language features, Tahlia did a fantastic job at using words to paint a picture in our minds! We especially liked how Tahlia used complex sentences to describe the beasts behaviour as well as its appearance. Rebecca noticed that Tahlia used lots of adjectives and Ryan Bibby liked how Tahlia up-levelled her vocabulary and chose really powerful words. Daniel commented on how Tahlia used similes to compare her beasts body features to other objects so we know exactly what they look like. Ryan Short liked how Tahlia described the beasts eyes best, specifically the part when she said they 'glinted with pure evil'. Ryan said that this helped him realise how horrible and unfriendly the beast is and decided he would magpie that idea to use in future writing! Well done Tahlia this is truly a fantastic piece of writing! smiley

Tahlia's marvellous mythical beast description!