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The Egg!


A Shell Shocking Discovery!

Yesterday, year six pupils from Eastcroft Park Primary discovered a mysterious egg in Kirkby High Woods.


On Tuesday 17th May, Year six pupils from Eastcroft Park Primary attended their first day at 'Forest School' - which took place in Kirkby High Woods. This is where they made their       'egg-citing' discovery. The egg  (which the children are describing as a large 'Mini-egg') is believed to belong to the ,thought to be extinct, Sneezy Dragon.  Mr Shutt -the Forest School leader stated, "I have been running Forest School sessions at Kirkby High School for five years now and I have never had the privilege of finding  a very rare dragon's egg!"


The mysterious egg - which is yellow with fawn coloured mottles - has a coarse texture. It weighs approximately three hundred grams with a diameter of eighty six centimetres (34 inches). 


While year six were playing 'Sneaky Peaky Commando'  Tahlia and Leon (two pupils)  came across a peculiar object, the pair decided to yell for sir's attention . Everybody then rapidly rushed over in curiosity to see what had been found.  They soon perceived that the object was, in fact, an egg. All the children were then instructed to retrieve foliage from its natural habitat to ensure that the egg felt at home.


 A hammock - made out of twigs, leaves and a plastic bag - was constructed to transfer the egg safely back to school. On returning to school, the enthusiastic children hastened to inform Miss Withey about their thrilling find. Miss Withey proclaimed, "I was first alerted to the discovery when the children returned from their trip shouting, " Miss, you need to come and see this!" I was amazed to find the children clutching a huge egg!"


When the children returned to their class room they made an improved nest, which included some  natural foliage from Kirkby Woods to ensure they mirrored the dragon's natural habitat. Furthermore, to help keep it warm, they surrounded it with a plush dragon toy.


Later that day, Mrs Oliver emailed London's Natural History Museum to glean advice as to what species of animal the egg may belong to. The next morning, the class waited in anticipation for a phone call from the cryptozoology department; Rebecca  received the call, were she answered a variety of intriguing questions including: What is the size of the egg? What does the egg weigh? What is the colour of the egg? and numerous other questions to ascertain what breed of egg it is. Dr. D. R. Ology is quoted as saying, " This discovery is cool! I will send one of my team to visit and help to confirm what species the egg belongs to."


The class are patiently awaiting a visit from the cryptozoology department, who are expected to arrive within the next few days.


Report written by Abbie Fletcher, Rebecca Gregory and Ryan Short.

Egg-citing Discovery!

Egg-citing Discovery! 1 Lilli with the discovery.
Egg-citing Discovery! 2 Building the nest!
Egg-citing Discovery! 3 Year 6 photo-bomb the egg!
Egg-citing Discovery! 4 The egg's new home, complete with it's foster mum
Egg-citing Discovery! 5 Bedtime Story with Mummy - 'Delhia the Dragon'
Egg-citing Discovery! 6 Story time!

Year 6 Display - Dragons

Year 6 Display - Dragons 1
Year 6 Display - Dragons 2
Year 6 Display - Dragons 3
Year 6 Display - Dragons 4
Year 6 Display - Dragons 5
Year 6 Display - Dragons 6
Year 6 Display - Dragons 7
Year 6 Display - Dragons 8
Year 6 Display - Dragons 9
Year 6 Display - Dragons 10
Year 6 Display - Dragons 11
Year 6 Display - Dragons 12