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The Groovy Greeks

Medusa (Mod)rocs!

Y5 have worked their socks off to produce a 3D portrait of Medusa the Gorgon. Hunnie and Grace did an amazing job painting the 2D face of Medusa - great colour mixing and shading girls! 

Then, we all made a 3D snake using newspaper, tape and then modroc. Most of us had never experienced using this material to sculpt with before - it was VERY messy but great fun! Once our moulded snakes were dry, all that was left to do was paint them and attach them to the portrait. The finished outcome is pretty spectacular and very striking. Don't look directly at her though, you might be turned to stone!

A Groovy Greek Feast


We ended our Groovy Greek topic with a fantastic celebratory feast. We made olive wreath crowns (as worn by champions!) made togas out of bed-sheets (watch the pins!!) and all had a try of some Greek food including hummus, tzatiki, feta cheese, Greek yoghurt and honey and the dreaded olive! What a wonderful way to close a topic!