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We compared different maps of London and decided which geographical source we liked best!

We created maps of London!

We created maps of London! 1
We created maps of London! 2
We created maps of London! 3

Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying their Topic lessons this year so far. We study three topics in Year 2:

  • Castles
  • London
  • Gardens

Our Topic sessions can be Geography or History lessons, or sometimes both! We are taught skills from both curriculums.


Castles. We can:

  • Name the parts of a castle
  • Describe a Motte and Bailey castle
  • Identify the jobs that took place inside/outside the castle
  • Create a coat of arms based on my personal ideas
  • Compare the diets of people inside the castle
  • Create a class code of Chivalry
  • Imagine what it was like inside a castle
  • Understand why Crowns are significant and design a crown
  • Describe how to attack a castle
  • Compare locations of famous castles in England

London. We can:

  • Describe where London is on a map and compare its location to Liverpool
  • Name London’s famous landmarks and locate them on a map
  • Create our own map of London
  • Identify the human and physical features of London
  • Deduce information from a historical source
  • Compare life in London in 1666 to life in 2019
  • Learn about the Great Fire of London, and plot the events in chronological order on a timeline
  • Understand how we know about the Great Fire of London
  • Write a diary entry in role
  • Write a persuasive letter to King Charles II
  • Explore London tourist information
  • Create a London tourist poster
  • Design and create London themed puppets