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Year 1 Science

Year 1  are learning all about plants. We can identify and name some wild and common garden plants. We also know why plants are important to us.
Year 1 went on a walk around the school grounds to see if we could identify and name some common wild plants. We used books to help us identify the plants and magnifying glasses to take a closer look at them. We also found some Autumn leaves and talked about the four different seasons.

Nature Walk

We planted some cress seeds in empty egg shells and decorated them to make cress eggs. We gave them some water and put them near the window to get sunshine so that the seeds would grow. Just look how tall the cress grew...

Animals including Humans


Our topic for spring term is animals including humans. We have been learning about the five different animal groups: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. We have also been looking at which animals are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Can you remember which one most humans are?


Then we went on a trip to Acorn farm, it was fantastic! We saw lots of different animals and we could name the animal group they belonged to. We even got to see some chicks and lambs! Come and take a look.