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Visions and Values

Vision Statement


Every child matters at Eastcroft Park School. It is our vision that each child fulfils their potential, regardless of their background, circumstances or mental health state in a safe, stimulating and caring environment. We aim to develop a love of learning inspired by quality teaching, foster high aspirations and encourage positive self-esteem, enabling children to leave our school prepared for their future as citizens who will lead happy and rewarding lives.


“Proud to be the best that I can, a seeker of knowledge, secure in a diverse and changing world”


Eastcroft Park School is a caring community, with children, governors, parents and staff working closely together to fulfil our aims.




Do the best that we can!

We will be motivated and make every effort to reach our learning goals with the support and commitment of the whole school community; pupils, parents, staff and friends.  We will use our pupil voice positively to participate in decisions that affect us both as individuals and our community as a whole.


Be Proud of Who We Are!
We will work together to build self-esteem, promote individuality and value the contributions of everyone in our school community. We will respect the right for each of us to be an individual and allow others to follow beliefs that we ourselves may not share.


Go For It! We Can Do It!
We will be prepared to have a go even when we find things difficult. We will build resilience and determination. We will learn to regulate our emotions so we can tackle life’s challenges. We will take the opportunity to follow and develop our existing interests whilst being prepared to try new things by taking risks and challenges; ensuring that we never settle for less than our best. We put our own emotional well-being and mental health at the forefront of all that we do, so that we can achieve our full potential.


Support and Care for Ourselves and Others!
We will all show and encourage respect for others and look after everything around us. We will recognise when we, or others around us, need help with our wellbeing or mental health. We will actively participate in all areas of school life and the life of the wider communities we live in making the most of every opportunity to make a positive difference.



School Motto:

“Never settle for less than your best.”



We are committed to developing a learning environment which is:-

  • Happy
  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Inclusive
  • And full of exciting opportunities



Eastcroft Park School is dedicated to pursuing excellence through:

  • A stimulating and well-resourced environment
  • Enthusiastic and committed staff
  • The development and encouragement of everyone at Eastcroft Park
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Encouraging respect
  • Developing an awareness of how to keep ourselves mentally healthy
  • A caring and inclusive environment
  • Developing creative and sporting ability, alongside academic ability.


We aim to deliver an exciting and relevant curriculum by:

  • Excellent and enthusiastic teaching
  • Innovation
  • Encouraging reflection and thinking skills
  • Providing a creative approach to the curriculum
  • Providing opportunities for sporting achievement
  • Encouraging and supporting every child to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or struggles.