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In our Autumn Term History topic we learnt about the Great Fire of London. We learnt about Samuel Pepys and how crucial his diary was in helping us learn about the fire. We worked up towards writing our own Great Fire of London diary extracts where we had to use our senses to help us bring our writing to life. Mrs woods was so pleased with our finished writing. 

During our Geography Unit we have been learning all about the U.K and the different countries that make up the United Kingdom. We have worked really hard on learning the capital cities on each country in the U.K and Mrs Woods keeps testing us to make sure we remember. In our Geography lessons we have recorded facts about each country leading up to us writing our own U.K fact file. 


For our artwork we looked at the work of Picasso and his famous series of self portraits. We looked the different styles he has used in the portraits ranging from when he was aged 21-80. We produced our own self portrait in the style of Picasso. Mrs Woods was so impressed with our drawing skills she made a display of our work which looks wonderful in the corridor. 

For our Design and Technology work we learnt about joining and using templates so we decided to make puppets. We studied different puppets and picked out or favourite type of puppet. Next we designed our own character and we used our art skills to produce a bright, colourful, eye catching design. 

Once we had decided what type of puppet we were making we had to decide how to join the front and back of the puppet. We used stapling, gluing, sellotaping and sewing to join materials and most of us decided that we were going to sew our puppets together. Mrs Woods and Mrs Fulton showed us how to do running stitch- it was really hard but we didn't give up and we were all delighted to have a working puppet. Once we had joined our puppets we decorated them and turned them into characters following our designs. They look AMAZING!!!!!