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Maths in Reception


Maths is taught right from the beginning of reception by focusing initially on one number at a time (1-10 in Autumn & Spring) with the intention of children developing a deeper understanding of the value of numbers prior to formal learning about numbers beyond that later in the year (10-20 in Summer). Understanding and mathematical language will be deepened through the use of whole class teaching, guided activities and open-ended resources in the continuous provision. Rather than merely focusing on the number itself, children will develop an understanding of the recognition and writing of the numeral, value, place in the number system and related concepts such as '1 more', '1 less', 'greater/less than' and 'bigger/smaller' before moving on the the next number.


We will primarily be using guidance from the White Rose Hub EYFS scheme, the NCETM numberblocks resources and the GLOW maths hub resources, although other resources will also be used.


An overview of intended coverage can be found below, although this is subject to change.