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Year 3




To my lovely year 3's,

I know things are a bit uncertain right now, and the world seems like a bit of a crazy place, and everything is a little bit uncertain at the moment, but I'm going to be trying my hardest to keep your minds busy and to keep you entertained during the time that school is closed.


You will have been sent home a learning pack, if you don't have that pack, everything is also available on this page. I'll include spelling lists as well, just in case you haven't got yours from your pack. 

Try and keep a routine as much as possible, and don't fill your whole day with school work-have regular breaks and also spend some time with your family. You have a chance to make some wonderful memories, and spend quality time with each other- think of what we will be able to talk about when we get back to school! 


I will also be setting tasks on our Seesaw page, the app can be downloaded onto a tablet or mobile device, and you can upload pictures etc on there for me to see! This is the quickest way for me to upload activities and it is a great way for me to stay in contact with you!


Remember how important it is to keep updated with TRUE news, you can always watch BBC newsround online from this link: 


Keep yourselves safe, I cannot wait to come back to class and see your smiling faces, as I miss you all!


Miss Hughes x