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Year 5

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To my Fantastic Year 5's,


The world seems to be a bit topsy-turvey at the moment and lots of things are changing for us all right now. I know things are a bit uncertain but I'm going to do my best to provide you with lots of activities to keep you busy at home and keep your brains ticking over during the time that school is closed.


You will have been sent home a learning pack; if you don't have that pack, everything is available on this page. As always, READ as much as you can: books, magazines, ebooks - there's tons online! If you're watching TV, mute the sound and put subtitles on - that's reading too!


I will also be regularly setting tasks on our Seesaw page. The app can be downloaded onto a tablet or mobile device, and you can upload pictures etc on there for me to see! It's the quickest , most efficient way for me to stay in contact with you. I will update our school twitter page regularly too with great online links or just to check in and say Hi!


Remember to try to keep to a routine but don't put too much pressure on yourselves. Mental health and Emotional wellbeing is just as important too. Take regular breaks, take regular daily exercise but also spend some time with your family. You have a chance to make some wonderful memories, and spend quality time with each other- think of what we will be able to talk about when we get back to school! 


Remember how important it is to keep updated with current affairs and TRUE news; you can always watch BBC newsround online from this link: 


Stay safe, stay healthy in body and mind and keep smiling! I can't wait to come back to class and see your lovely faces!


Lots of love,

Mrs Hudson xxsmileyheart

Home Learning Time Capsule Task


We are living during a very important time - in the future, people will look back at this period as a major event in World History. You will be able to tell your grandchildren all about what it was like to live through this unique experience.

Your task is to create a time capsule which captures your and your family's experiences; something which you can look back on together at some point in the future.

Below are some activities and sheets to get you started but you can add anything relevant or significant to your family - tell the story of your 2020. Good luck Historians!

BBC Bitesize daily lessons

If you haven't already discovered these resources, have a look! I can't recommend them enough! Log onto the Y5 home learning page at and have a look.


Each day you are given a Maths, English and other curriculum area activity - perfect for those who need a more structured routine to home learning. You can also see what else you're going to be doing for the week so can plan any other learning activities accordingly. 


Check it out!