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Year 5's current Power of Reading unit is "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare. Mrs Hudson is so excited to get started!

We studied these two images of 'the floating dagger' scene from Macbeth. We discussed the many meanings represented, including who he is, why the dagger appears to be floating, what it may represent, why there appears to be 2 images of the character and what was different between the 2 photos. Mrs Hudson was super impressed by our initial thoughts!

Categorising characters from "Macbeth"

Before we watched the play, we studied the character list and categorised then in our own ways; some grouped leaders and followers; good and bad; men and women, nobles and peasants. Some of us realised that there were many cross overs!

The adventures of Odysseus

From January - March Y5's Power of Reading unit was

"The Adventures of Odysseus". They completed some excellent work with Miss Birchall and Mr Rosin.

Painting the Storm from Odysseus